Writing Copy for Websites

Content writing tips

Content writing for the web is a bit of an art form and it is important to follow a few simple rules. Take a look at the tips below to help you write better content for your website.

Get your message across in the right way

Firstly and most importantly, your content must read well. It must be to the point and not just be written to please the search engines. Think about the areas you want to cover in your content and aim to write at least 300 words per page to describe the service(s) or product(s) you offer.

Include your main keywords in the right way

It is important that you use your main keywords in the right way. Include them a couple of times in your paragraph headers (or header tags as they are called in web design). You can also use your main keywords 2-3 times in the main body text but don’t overdo it otherwise it will be treated as keyword stuffing by Google.

Use paragraphs to break up your text

Writing short 3-4 line paragraphs will break your text up and make it easier to read. It will also allow you to include several paragraph headers on your page (as mentioned above).

Bolding, italicising and using bullet points

If you want to increase the strength and importance of a word used in your content, try bolding or italicising it. Using bullet points is also a good way to emphasise a few important words on your page.

Variations on your important keywords

It will help with your SEO if use several variations of your keywords in your content. For example, if you are writing about your services as an electrician in Nottingham, you could also use other words such as electrical contractor, electrician, electrical engineer, domestic electrician, commercial electrician, etc. Don’t use the same word over and over again though (i.e. Electrician). A few times is more than enough.

Links to other pages in your content

Try to include links to other pages on your site in the content. A good link structure (i.e. several ways to reach each page on your site) will help a potential customer navigate around to find what they are looking for. This will also help Google find all of the pages on your site and include them in it’s rankings. Also try to use keywords in these links. i.e. click here for more information doesn’t really explain what is behind the link but domestic electrician does.

Focus the content on each page

It will help if each page discusses a specific area of your business. Using a Nottingham based electrician as an example again, you might want to focus the content of one page purely on the domestic side of your business. The content would mention domestic installations, domestic electrical work, residential electricians, etc, in the wording. On another page, you could write purely about the commercial side of your business and only include words relating to the commercial industry (i.e. commercial contractor, office electrician, contract electrician, etc). This will help Google and other search engines understand what your page is about and categorise it accordingly.

To conclude, if you need some assistance with your content writing, give us a call. We use the services of several local copywriters who will provide you with approx 300 words of content for £30 per page.