Choosing the right domain name

Choosing the right domain name

Choosing the right domain name is a very important decision.
There are several things to consider and we have listed several below.

Does your preferred domain name choice include any of your important keywords?
It can help your google position if your domain name includes keywords in it. For example, would be a great choice if you sold blue widgets. Google provides an online tool to check the popularity of keywords and its worth using to make sure the keywords you think are important to your business are the most searched for.

Consider choosing a short domain name
There is a benefit to having a short domain name as its easy to remember. It’s also easy to say over the phone and its quick to type into a web browser.

Can you purchase the and the .com to protect your interests?
For UK businesses I would always recommend purchasing the version of their domain choice but it can also be beneficial to purchase the .com to protect your interests. Traffic from a .com domain can be forwarded to the version and it also protects you if somebody mistypes.

Have you considered using hyphens between words to make it more readable?
It can help people (and search engines) read the words in your domain if you include the hyphens. For example, may be easier to read if it was

Consider variations of your preferred domain
You may want to consider purchasing different spellings of your domain name in case somebody mistypes. Domain names can be set to auto-forward to your main domain name and it will ensure you don’t miss out on any web traffic.

I hope you find this article useful but feel free to contact Fusionxs if you would like some advice or assistance with purchasing a domain name.