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Website Hosting

Web Hosting Nottingham

We can provide you with your own UK based hosting account via one of the countries leading hosting companies. Every hosting account includes everything you need to get up and running with your website and email accounts. Take a look at everything that is included on the right.

UK Based Hosting

Having a UK hosting account ensures your website loads as quickly as possible. Uploading and downloading files to your webspace is also significantly quicker and more responsive. Having non UK based hosting can be a negative from a search engine point of view so if you are looking to boost your site's search engine position, we would recommend UK hosting.

Wordpress Installation

If you are looking to create a Wordpress blog, we provide a 1 click installation solution with all our hosting packages. If you need some assistance with the installation and selection of a template, we can do this for you for a one off fee. If you require modifications to a template so it matches your preferred colour scheme, please get in touch for a quotation.


Whats included?